What we do

PR Marketing and Media Consulting

The goal is, to design you PR and Socials planings to reflect reflect you in best way, and support you improving on online marketting, by social media co operations, phenomenon agreements, blog support and many terms.

Free Diamond Consultancy

There are many factors that should be considered while buying diamond. You can get the best products at the best prices with our expertise in stone. Moreover, this consultancy is free...

Fashion and Jewelry Styling Service

The jewelry is a must in fashion. You can catch up a professional look with styling service for both fashion and jewelry.

Diamond Trainer

You can get an education that you can learn the intricacies of diamonds and be familiar with the details. We have training for your company or for yourself.

Diamond Days Event

Diamond days which regularly held in fashion designer Erol Albayrak’s boutique in Nisantasi and Dubai can be held in places you specify.



“The adventure of product begins with design


“Sometimes becomes one stone


“Jewelery shaped by the skillful hands


There is a separate story for each design;


Jewelry is an indispensable part of fashion

About Me



    Sevgi Eren received many training especially regarding the job she want to do, which are the jewellery and its production. Eren started her career as an assistant store manager in different companies with proving expert training from “HRD ANTWERP TR”. She worked  as an instructor at various diamond companies. Finally, she started to work with Erol Albayrak under the title of “Fashion and Jewellery”. Sevgi Eren serves with “Diamond Days” event in Erol Albayrak Boutiques in Nisantasi, and Dubai. Beside all, she is still taking care of PR and social media consultancy of Huqqa and The Galliard  Restaurant which are located in Dubai. As well as organizations, media, PR and jewellery styling work; she also continuesconsultancy service with the slogan “Consult us before taking your diamonds.” in social media.

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